MRgFUS (MR guided Focus Ultrasound Surgery)  

MR guided  focus ultrasound surgeries( MRgFUS) is latest & highest innovation in medical field so far in human history. MRgFUS is ideal non invasive surgery and redefining the surgery.

MRgFUS is boon to women having fibroids, cancer breast and boon to men with carcinoma prostate.     

Fibroids can be reduced with MRgFUS.  MRgFUS is  best / absolute  treatment for unmarried women with large fibroids or Large fibroids with infertility, fear of surgery and persons unfit for surgery / anesthesia.

Main advantages of MRgFUS :

                            Non invasive procedure 

                            Safe , effective

                            No anesthesia ,

                            No incision, No scar.

                            No blood transfusions.


                            No hospitalization.

                            No antibiotics.

                            Can attend duties/job after 24 to 48 hours.


Preliminary requirement for fibroid treatment with MRgFUS. : MRI pelvis to evaluate selective or eligibility  criteria's like size, Location, number, vascularity of fibroid and relation of fibroid to adjacent structures.

Procedure : Once selected procedure of MRgFUS takes 2-3 hours depend on size of fibroid. 2 or 3 fibroids can be treated in single sitting. If necessary 2nd treatment can be done.

Results : Initial 3 days patient may get pain . For that Tab.Parachetamol is enough.

Immediate:  60% non-perfused areas enough to make patient asymptomatic.

Late : Fibroid size is reduced in 2 to 4 months gradually.

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                     Before Treatment  

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